ABOUT MODERNTHINK: ModernThink is a nationally recognized strategic organizational development and management consulting firm with expertise in workplace quality for institutions of higher education. The survey to be used is the ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey.

HOW WILL THE SURVEY BE ADMINISTERED? ModernThink will administer the survey by sending a dedicated link to the survey instrument directly to all UA faculty and staff. ModernThink will house and control all survey responses.

WILL RESPONSES BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL? Yes. The University will not have access to any individual response information. ModernThink will only provide aggregate survey findings to the University. Thus faculty and staff should feel assured that their individual responses and comments are confidential and protected.

HOW WILL THE SURVEY DATA BE USED? ModernThink has administered this survey to a large number of institutions. These data will allow ModernThink to compare the UA findings against some of the University’s peer institutions as well as against other institutions that have been recognized as highly engaged places to work.

The University will work with ModernThink to summarize and synthesize key findings, look to identify patterns and/or trends, and provide information to drive strategic change as needed. The survey will help UA officials measure how supportive, inclusive and empowering the campus climate is and evaluate other key experience drivers.

A strong survey response rate will also allow us to submit our survey results to be considered as part of the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ”Great Colleges to Work For” recognition program. ModernThink’s Higher Education Insight Survey is nationally-normed and tested. It is the main assessment tool for the Great Colleges program.

WHO IS LEADING THIS PROJECT? To prepare for this survey effort, the University formed a small planning group to work with ModernThink to determine the logistics, timing, and communication plan for the project. In addition to the planning group, a project steering committee has been formed to promote campus-wide participation in the survey, analyze the findings from the survey, and suggest further actions regarding research and improvement activities associated with the goal above.