Information in the Factbook is divided into sections, as indicated in the Table of Contents, and is presented in tabular and/or graphic form. In most cases, the sources for the data contained in these presentations are from OIRA databases. However, some information is obtained from other University sources. Our office appreciates these contributions; contributors are cited accordingly. Differences between data presented in this book and in previously published editions are the result of corrections and/or updates.

Assembly of the information presented in the Factbook involves many judgments as to inclusion, exclusion, and form of presentation. Suggestions for modifications or corrections, based on use of the publication, are welcome and should be directed to OIRA.

Lorne Kuffel (Executive Director)
Julianna Proctor (Associate Director)
Jacob D. Pleitz (Assistant Director)
Alicia A. Weaver (Assistant Director for Data Administration)
Jon C. Acker
Michael P. Fox
Jon E. Holcomb
Anup KC
Christine R. Kraft
Coston Perkins
Jason M. Phillips
Longfei "Eric" Wang
Alicia A. Weaver
Leticia G. Worthington
Sarah Vetoe
Robert J. Zuercher

Graduate Research Assistants
Rong ‘’Ally’’ Zheng
Songhui "Frank" Yue
Yuhui "Lucas" Yao