The University of Alabama
Faculty Senate

  2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
President Donna Meester Donna Meester Steve Miller
Vice-President Rona Donahoe Ed Stephenson Donna Meester
Secretary Robert Riter Rona Donahoe Rona Donahoe
Past President Steve Miller Steve Miller Steve Miller
Parliamentarian Dominic Yeager Dominic Yeager Bob Riter
         Steering Committees
Academic Affairs (Co-chairs) John Vincent John Vincent John Vincent
Chapman Greer Chapman Greer Patricia Parmelee
Community Affairs* (Co-chairs) Amy Dayton Amy Daton N/A
Rita Snyder Kimberly Severt N/A
Faculty and Senate Governance** (Co-chairs) Charlotte Herrin Charlotte Herrin Charlotte Herrin
Steve Miller Bob Riter Marilyn Handley
Faculty Life (Co-chairs) Bill Martin Brian Gordon Pamela Payne-Foster
James Gilbreath Pamela Payne-Foster Ed Stephenson
Financial Affairs (Co-chairs) Reuben Cook Reuben Cook Reuben Cook
Rainer Schad Rainer Schad Rainer Schad
Information Technology (Co-chairs) Darrin Griffin Mangala Krishnamurthy Mangala Krishnamurthy
Clark Midkiff Clark Midkiff Clark Midkiff
Legislative Agenda Kimberly Severt Kimberly Severt Kimberly Severt
Research and Service (Co-chairs) Ajay Agrawal Steve Burch Steve Burch
Osiris Molina Steven Jones Andreas Piepke
Student Affairs (Co-chairs) Charlye Adams Joanne Hale Joanne Hale
Amy Traylor JoAnn Oliver JoAnn Oliver

* New for 2015-16
** The Faculty and Senate Governance committee used to be the Senate Operations Committee.
Source: Faculty Senate