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Types of Graduate and Professional Education in which UA Graduates Enrolled

Bachelor Degree Recipients’ Post-Degree Educational Attainment

This analysis is based on information from 26,627 students that received bachelor degrees from the University of Alabama between Spring 2012 and Spring 2016. Utilizing the ‘Student Tracker’ service of the National Student Clearinghouse, it was discovered that at least 11,481 students (43.1%) continued their education after earning their bachelors degree from the University. A large number of these degree recipients, 3,864 or 33.7%, continued their education at the University of Alabama. For a complete list of institutions these students attended to continue their education please click here.

Of the 11,481 students that continued their education, 6,816 or 59.4% (25.6% of the 26,627 original degree recipients) received a second degree or certificate by Spring 2019. Also, 206 received a third award, and 4 received a fourth award. Medical degrees and especially doctoral degrees are understated in this analysis, since medical degrees usually require four years of study and doctoral degrees require six or more years. Therefore, students progressing in these areas have not had sufficient time to complete their advanced degrees for this study.

The following is a breakdown of the types of second awards received by the 6,816 students.

Award Type Frequency Percent
Certificate 168 2.5
Associate 135 2.0
Bachelor 319 4.7
Educ. Specialist 7 0.1
Master 5,107 74.9
Doctorate 34 0.5
Prof (Medical) 200 2.9
Prof (Other) 186 2.7
Prof (Law) 660 9.7
Total 6,816 100.0

The 6,816 students received their second award from 555 different institutions. The majority of the awards, 5,519 (81.0%) came from public institutions while 1,297 (19.0%) came from private institutions. Slightly less than half of the second awards, 2,623 (38.5%), came from the University of Alabama. For a complete list of institutions please click here.