TCF 112 Section 001: Motion Pict Hy Criticism

Spring 2013

3 Credit Hours
Primary Instructor: Dr. Jeremy Butler
Core Designation: Humanities, Fine Arts
Syllabus subject to change.
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Course Description

Development of the cinema, with emphasis on relation of technical advances to film content and style.  


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Student Learning Outcomes

The student will learn about the history of film and be able to identify some of the major conceptual models (e.g., formalism, genre theory, auteurism, and so on) that have been applied to that history.  

Exams and Assignments

  • There will be three objective (multiple choice, true/false) readings tests over the course of the semester. These closed-book tests will consist of questions drawn from the readings and the films, but not the lectures. They will be worth 15 points each.
  • Additionally, closed-book mid-term (25 points) and final (30 points) exams will be given. These exams will consist of questions drawn from the lectures and referring to the films.

Policy on Missed Exams & Coursework

Make-up tests/exams will be given at the discretion of the instructor. No tests/exams will be given before their scheduled dates.

Outline of Topics

Please refer to the online course schedule for an outline of lecture topics, film screenings, reading assignments and various course resources (including lecture notes).

Grading Policy

Grades will be posted on Blackboard Learn.

Grading scale:

A+ 97-100   C+ 77-79    F  59 and below
A  93-96    C  73-76
A- 90-92    C- 70-72
B+ 87-89    D+ 67-69
B  83-86    D  63-66
B- 80-82    D- 60-62

Required Texts

UA Supply Store Textbook Information


In a sense, there are three "texts" for this course:

  • The course readings: Gerald Mast, Bruce F. Kawin, A Short History of the Movies, Abridged Eleventh Edition (New York: Longman, 2012). There are several versions of this book; be sure to get the correct one.
  • The course lectures
  • The course films

Mast & Kawin will supply the student with the basic facts of film history. The lectures augment those facts with specific interpretations of them. The films themselves illustrate both the readings and the lectures.

Please note: The "class notes" are not required. They are optional. All notes are also available online at no charge.

Attendance Policy

Roll is usually not taken. However, If attendance at class sessions is poor, roll may be taken and factored into the grades.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Typically, two or three extra credit opportunities will be offered, worth no more than 3 points.

Other Course Materials

All films will be shown on DVD and Blu-ray discs in class. There will be no other screenings of the films. Films that are legally available online are marked with an "OV" link in the "Outline of Topics."

Credits are available from the Internet Movie Database. Follow the links below to find credits.


Policy on Academic Misconduct

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The Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Policy will be followed in the event of academic misconduct.

Disability Statement

If you are registered with the Office of Disability Services, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible to discuss any course accommodations that may be necessary. If you have a disability, but have not contacted the Office of Disability Services, please call 348-4285 or visit 133-B Martha Parham Hall East to register for services. Students who may need course adaptations because of a disability are welcome to make an appointment to see me during office hours. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Office of Disability Services, 133-B Martha Parham Hall East, before receiving academic adjustments.

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Cell-Phone Policy

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GPA Requirements

College of Communication & Information Sciences majors must earn a "C" or better in all required and elective courses in their major. A "C" or better is required in all external courses required by the major whether they serve as a prerequisite to a major course or are simply required by the major. This means a "C" of any kind.

Cultural Diversity Statement

This course encourages different perspectives related to such factors as gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, religion, and other relevant cultural identities. This course seeks to foster understanding and inclusiveness related to such diverse perspectives and ways of communicating.