The University of Alabama
Faculty Senate

  2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
President Rona Donahoe Rona Donahoe Donna Meester
Vice-President Chapman Greer Chapman Greer Rona Donahoe
Secretary Barbara Dalbach Barbara Dalbach Chapman Greer
Past President Donna Meester Donna Meester Steve Miller
         Steering Committees
Academic Affairs (Co-chairs) John Vincent John Vincent John Vincent
Andre Denham John Petrovic Brad Tuggle
Community Affairs (Co-chairs) Joy Burnham Amy Dayton Amy Dayton
Steven Yates   Seth Bordner
Faculty and Senate Governance* (Co-chairs) Ibrahim Cemen Ibrahim Cemen Angela Benson
Janie Hubbard Janie Hubbard Ibrahim Cemen
Faculty Life (Co-chairs) Jenni Cox Julia Cartwright Julia Cartwright
Andrea Glenn Andrea Glenn James Gilbreath
Financial Affairs (Co-chairs) Christopher Lynn Peter Johnson Robert Findlay
Rainer Schad Rainer Schad Peter Johnson
Information Technology (Co-chairs) Matthew Hudnall Matthew Hudnall Clark Midkiff
Dan Meissner Dan Meissner Barbara Dalbach
Parliamentarian Robert Riter Dominic Yeager Dominic Yeager
Research and Service (Co-chairs) Ajay Agrawal Ajay Agrawal Ajay Agrawal
Silas Blackstock Mike Kreger Mike Kreger
Student Affairs (Co-chairs) Kabe Moen Donna Meester Charlye Adams
Amy Taylor Haley Strickland Amy Traylor
Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness Mirit Eyal-Cohen Mirit Eyal-Cohen Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Latrise Johnson Osiris Molina Osiris Molina

* The Faculty and Senate Governance committee used to be the Senate Operations Committee.
Source: Faculty Senate